Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Policy

Our Commitment
Dayspring Corporate Wellness and Dayspring Health Screeners (“DCW & DHS”) is committed to protecting our staff and customers’ personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012(“PDPA”).


Our Privacy Policy
This Personal Data Protection Policy Statement (“Statement”) explains DCW & DHS’s security measures pertaining to personal data, and how DCW & DHS addresses access and correction requests. “Personal data” refers to any data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from that data; or from that data and other information to which DCW & DHS has or is likely to have access.


What information does DCW & DHS collect?
DCW & DHS collects information that facilitates the provision of its services, which includes your biometric data, the means to contact you, your health and lifestyle practices as well as health screening results. This information is collected when you communicate with DCW & DHS in writing (including email, SMS, letters, paper or electronic forms, business cards, or other forms of written or electronic correspondence) or orally.


What does DCW & DHS do with the information?
DCW & DHS collects information to provide health-related services and to communicate with you on matters relevant to your interest in and engagement of DCW & DHS’s services. The information helps DCW & DHS to assess and improve the services that you use or may use, and selectively send you information about services, activities or events that may be relevant to you.

We will not provide your personal data to any third parties without your consent, except as permitted under the PDPA, such as in the event that we would be required to disclose or use the information:

    1. to assist a bona fide law enforcement agency or any governmental or authorised agency responsible for government or public safety and/or security in the performance of their function
    2. as required by law to disclose the information

By providing personal data to DCW & DHS you are consenting for DCW & DHS to collect and use the information provided, and to share such information within DCW & DHS and such third parties with which DCW & DHS may have relevant service arrangements, for the purpose for which the information was collected or to be used, and any other reasonable ancillary purposes. This includes the purpose of facilitating DCW & DHS’s provision of the services which you use, improving DCW & DHS services which are relevant to you, and your consent to receive updates from DCW & DHS on such services.


How long does DCW & DHS keep the information?
We shall retain your personal data for a minimum of 5 years after your last engagement with DCW & DHS’s services from which the data is collected, or any other duration that is stipulated by the relevant governing authority, whichever is the longer. DCW & DHS will take reasonable measures to destroy any personal data that is no longer necessary to meet those purposes.


DCW & DHS security measures
All your personal data is kept confidential and DCW & DHS takes all reasonable measures to protect it from unauthorized or accidental access, processing or loss, by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and supervisory controls.


How can you control your information?
If you do not want DCW & DHS to contact you by telephone or SMS, or wish to be removed from DCW & DHS’s customer database at any time except for the duration during which your personal data is required for provision of the service engaged by you, or if you believe DCW & DHS has inaccurate information about you, please contact us at By contacting us, you may update your personal information, opt out of any DCW & DHS communications you may be receiving, or choose to be removed from the database altogether.

It is important to note that DCW & DHS uses your personal information to provide you with services you wish to use. DCW & DHS also complies with various regulatory requirements in doing so, including the requirements for customer due diligence. Withdrawal of consent for DCW & DHS to collect, use or disclose personal information means that DCW & DHS will stop these activities. The absence of certain key personal information, including but not limited to your name, address, email and/or telephone contacts, may cause DCW & DHS to be unable to continue providing the relevant services to you.

DCW & DHS may still use or disclose your personal information should we subsequently notify you of the intended use or disclosure and should you not object to that use or disclosure; or if we believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to assist a bona fide law enforcement agency or any agency responsible for government or public safety and/or security in the performance of their function; or in the event that we are required by law to disclose the information.


Contacting us
DCW & DHS has a designated Personal Data Protection Officer. If you have any questions about this Statement, or DCW & DHS’s handling of your personal data, please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer at

For more information about PDPA in general, please visit the Personal Data Protection Commission’s Website