Why choose Dayspring for Onsite Health Screening and Workplace Health Promotion

Healthy motivated employees are the company’s greatest asset.

Dayspring empowers your employees to take control of their physical and mental wellbeing through:

- On site health screenings

- Workplace health promotion programmes

These programmes can be funded through the Health Promotion Board (HPB) WHP Grant.


Choose Dayspring!


We are HPB accredited workplace health promotion consultants and have the knowledge and skills to assist you in the management of your wellness programmes. Speak to us and we will customize cost effective programmes that will meet your organisation’s needs!


A one-stop service provider in all aspects of your programme management – grant application, health screening, planning, publicity, implementation, evaluation, reimbursement and SHA application. With a series of screening tests, you can assess your risk of cardiovascular diseases and other potential health problems. Following health screening, our extensive range of wellness programmes is carefully crafted to empower you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Experience counts! Our work dates back to 2002 when workplace health promotion was still in her infancy. A trusted health screener, we screen more than 50, 000 people a year and have conducted over 3000 talks and workshops to date.


Health screening is made easy with our onsite health screening team deployed right at your office. We provide trending on your year-to-year organisation’s health profile and with a comparison against the National Health Survey, you will have a better insight on your employees’ health.

Find out more about our available health and wellness programs HERE!